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Difference Between Swamp Tours and Airboat Tours

September 7 2018 | Blog

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While riding through our privately owned and protected bayou, an abundance of adjectives will come to mind to describe your emotions and the sights you’ll see along the way. You may notice how the thriving sawgrass and cypress trees compliment the fresh bayou air, or how the flourishing,  yet evasive water hyacinths cover the swamp waters as often as an alligator swims it.  Then there are the adjectives green and blue that stay with you throughout the ride and remain the reason your current mood is serene.

Sounds like the perfect meet with nature and you can decide how you take that journey.

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Pontoon Swamp Boat or Airboat?

The major difference between the swamp tour and the airboat tour is the type of vessel you choose. The Pontoon swamp boat is flat and can house 60 passengers per vessel. Back in the day, they designed the pontoon for expansive lounge areas and sun pads. It was meant for drifting along the water, perfect for those who like a couple hours of peace and quiet.

The airboat ride is for thrill-seekers in love with feeling the wind in their hair and nature at their fingertips. It’s an open-top boat with a loud engine, but don’t let the noise and Louisiana sun deter you from this adventure. You’ll be fully immersed in the swamp’s environment and the breeze created by the boat’s speed more than makes up for its lack of shade.

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Swamp Tour for the Calm Spirited

The traditional pontoon style boat is the perfect ride if you’re looking for a tranquil experience down the bayou. With its closed top, boat-side bench sitting, and an enthusiastic Cajun narrator, you and your group can catch some great shade and scenery all while hearing how the swamp’s ecosystem thrives. Amenities include restrooms and wheelchair accessible sitting. This option is perfect for school groups, senior groups, private events, and kids’ birthday parties with more than 300 people to accommodate.

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Airboat riding for the Closet Adventurer

There’s something about hearing the Chevy 454 engine. Mixed with its Chevy purr, the sight of sun-kissed sawgrass and cumulus clouds create a genuine fearless and tranquil ride. You are literally face-level with the animals. You’re so close to the water you can touch the water hyacinths that feather the water like bees on a honeycomb.  This option is better for couples and small groups who don’t mind a faster-paced swamp adventure.

Hopefully, you find this helpful when faced with picking your swamp ride. No matter which vessel you choose, you’ll experience an authentic journey down the bayou with native guides telling our rich history and their own real-life experiences along the way.  If you still can’t decide, we encourage you to take them both! Experience the swamp's beauty in its simplest form then come back to enjoy it for its thrills.


September 7, 2018 | Author: Jasmine Holloway

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