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Five Reasons To Bring Kids to the Swamp

October 21 2014 | Blog

Whether you’re a teacher thinking about the next great field trip idea or a parent planning your child’s upcoming birthday party, the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour is an excellent choice for either scenario! If you need convincing, just take a look at these five reasons to bring your group of kids to the swamp!swamp field trip louisiana

Educational – There’s countless lessons to be learned and knowledge to gain by taking a swamp tour in New Orleans. With hundreds of species of plants, birds and many other swamp creatures, the swamp offers a rich and in-depth biological learning experience. Our professional captains can identify the many different types of wildlife that will be encountered and answer any questions.

Fun – Don’t be fooled by all the information there is to absorb – the swamp is as fun as it is educational! You’ll spot turtles, wild pigs, herons, plenty of fascinating alligators and more. You’ll be able to hold a real live baby alligator and take pictures with it. Plus, just being outdoors surrounded by so much natural beauty is an escape in itself.

kids swamp field trip louisiana

Venue – Combine a swamp tour with an after-party right there on the premises! We can provide entertainment, catering, and set up decorations for the party of your dreams, or you can bring in your own supplies. The swamp makes for a unique backdrop to a memorable party.

Space – With our swamp boats that can hold up to 350 passengers, and plenty of outdoor space and picnic area, we have more than enough room to accommodate any size party!

Service – With everything provided, from transportation to and from the swamp, professionally trained tour guides, event staff and catering, you won’t have to lift a finger. We can customize your field trip or party however you’d like  to fit all your needs and desires.

As lagniappe, our swamp tour is also conveniently located just 30 minutes from New Orleans! Interested in having your next youth event at the swamp? Give us a call at 504-689-4186 to start the conversation!

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