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Infographic: Alligator Facts

September 17 2014 | Blog

Alligators are arguably the main attractions at the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour. Alligators are the veritable kings and queens of the swamp. So with that in mind, why not try to better understand them? That's why we've created this infographic to break down some of the major facts and characteristics of alligators.

Here's a quick guide to this infographic: the coat hanger indicates their average size, the alligator skull symbolizes their anatomy, the fish denotes their diet, the clock represents their lifespan, the egg represents their reproductive cycle and the heart is a little insight into their sensitive side - our personal favorite. 

Learn some quick, fun factoids about our favorite reptiles so when you see them on the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour you can impress your friends with some knowledge. 

alligator infographic

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