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Meet Our Captains

November 7 2014 | Blog

Our captains are the stars of the show at the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour. Each one has their own distinct personality and brings their own brand of flavor to the swamp tour experience. The best part about all of our captains is that they are all from right here in Lafitte, Lousiana where the swamp buzzes with wildlife and the Cajun way of life is kept intact. Get to know all of our swamp boys with these fun "player" cards. Find out what they love about being a swamp tour captain and what their special skills are as tour guides. 

Want to meet our captains in person? Reserve your tour today to be guided through the swamp with a native explorer! 

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour Captains

captain jamie swamp tour

captain joey swamp tour

swamp tour captain

swamp tour captain jason

new orleans swamp tour captain brent

new orleans swamp tour captain gerard




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