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What To Bring To The Swamp

April 17 2015 | Blog

If you’ve never been on a swamp tour, you may have no idea how to dress or what to bring to such an environment tucked away from the city life. Here’s a list of the essential items to bring to the swamp tour just outside New Orleans so you won’t miss anything you might need for the best and most comfortable experience.

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Swamp Tour Essentials

Comfortable and Practical Clothes – You’ll probably want to leave the stilettos and high maintenance outfits at home. Save those for your night out in New Orleans. On the swamp tour, wear comfortable, loose clothing. After all, you are in the wilderness! Check the forecast for inclement weather, as you might need to bring a rain jacket, especially on the open-air airboat tour. Sandals or athletic shoes are good options for footwear. The fast-paced airboat rides are windy in spots, so pack a light jacket in the non-summer months.

Cash – After claiming your tickets at the ticket office, it’s a good idea to have some spare cash on hand. There are snacks and cold drinks for sale on the swamp boats and it’s always a nice gesture to tip your captain if you enjoyed the tour and had a great experience.

Sun Protection – In Louisiana, the sun is a common factor, especially in the spring and summer. Be sure to apply sunblock and bring sunglasses and a hat to avoid a sunburn and to stay comfortable.

Camera – There are endless photo opps on the swamp and airboat tours. You'll want to capture the many special memories of spotting alligators, beautiful nature and fun swamp surprises, so make sure to bring a camera or have your smart phone ready!

Adventurous and Inquisitive Spirit – The swamp tour is full of fascinating and exotic wildlife that you may have never witnessed first-hand. This is your chance to embrace our native wilderness, listen to the captain’s informative narration and ask any questions you have for the full swamp tour experience. 

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